About Three Body

This article is an excerpt from a speech given this year.😉

"Three Body Problem” is a series of science fiction novels written by Chinese author Liu Cixin. The novels are set in a distant future, The plots of the novels involve complex systems of scientific theory, high-tech weapons, human behavior, and the exploration of the unknown.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the storyline of this work. The author cleverly utilizes scientific knowledge and human emotions to integrate science fiction and philosophy, allowing readers to contemplate the future and destiny of human civilization while experiencing the story. The “Three Body” series focuses on the communication, confrontation, and cooperation between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations, involving dimensions of time and space, showcasing an extremely grand worldview. The plot of the story is compact, with frequent climaxes, full of thrills and accidents.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the ideological connotations. In the books, the author explores the relationship between humans and the universe through reflections on human civilization, history, For example, do humans have the ability to master the power of technology and protect their homes? Should we pursue unlimited resources and power? These questions guide readers to reflect on the development direction and values of human society. and it raises many thought-provoking questions such as Dark Forest Theory. This theory suggests that civilizations in the universe are like living in a forest without sunlight, and each civilization must protect itself, otherwise it will be eliminated by other civilizations.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the position of this work in the history of literature. The “Three Body” series is not only one of the representative works of Chinese science fiction literature, but also one of the most popular science fiction novels worldwide. It has won the love and praise of domestic and foreign readers with its unique storyline, profound ideological connotations, and exquisite literary expression. This also proves that excellent literary works are not only entertainment and entertainment, but also exploration and enlightenment of human wisdom and thought.

In short, I believe that the “Three Body” series is an excellent science fiction novel that cannot be missed. It brings endless reading inspiration to readers with its grand cosmology, compact plot, profound ideological connotations. I believe that this work will continue to influence and inspire more readers, allowing them to feel the charm and infinite possibilities of human civilization in their reading.